Are solar panels easily damaged?

Because traditional solar panels, such as crystalline products, are primarily glass-based, they have very limited appeal in mobile applications as they are too easily damaged.

Our solar panel for commercial vehicles uses CIGS technology (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide).  CIGS contains no glass, silicone, or solder in its construction so is flexible, shatterproof, resistant to vibrations/impact/fracture.  Our panels are also only 3mm thick so they do not protrude from the roof of the trailer. For these reasons it is well suited to commercial vehicle (mobile) applications.

All connections are secured with a Robust MC4 junction box and a 40kg twist strength connection. This minimises the risk of damage from truck washes and overhanging branches etc.

Check out this video showing just a 10% power loss after a CIGS pane has been penetrated five times by shots from a .22 rifle!:

You can read more about the benefits of CIGs technology here.