Public Sector Tendering Support

Winning public sector business is like no other business opportunity you will ever come across in the private sector. Central/local government and public authority procurement is notoriously arduous, but we have many years of experience and can help you navigate the process.

We have published a lot of information on the public sector tendering process on our blog, so please browse the following articles as a starting point:

Preparing for Public Sector Tendering

If you are considering your first steps into public sector tendering, we can mentor you through the process. From knowing where to find relevant opportunities and assessing viability, to helping you get ready for your first tender submission.

There are many commonly asked questions that we can help you prepare for, to a large extent in advance, without having a specific opportunity in mind. This will increase your chances of success when a viable PQQ (pre-qualification questionnaire) or ITT (invitation to tender) opportunity that you wish to submit does come up.

Having a pre-prepared 'bank' of content to draw from will enhance your readiness to respond and will make the process much more controlled when you come up against the tight timeframe that is par for the course with tender submissions.

Assistance with Responding to Opportunities

There is a real 'knack' to responding to public sector opportunities. If you have bid for some opportunities and aren't having the desired success, it could just be that you aren't providing the information in the right way.

We have years of invaluable experience in crafting answers to maximise scores. We also know the common pitfalls within the process and are experienced in communicating technical subject matter in a reader-friendly way.