Agro Merchants Lurgan Transport Ltd


Refrigerated transport operator Agro Merchants (formerly known as Sawyers Transport and now Americold) has been using Freeway fleet maintenance software at its Northern Irish operation since 2015.  When Genie Insights was brought in as a consultant to review some of Agro’s fleet and workshop processes, it was realised that the system was not being used to its full potential and the company hadn’t taken advantage of many of the newer system modules.

Matt Reeve of Genie Insights stated: “This seems to be a trend across the board when implementing IT systems. One of the significant benefits of choosing Genie Insights as your Freeway implementation partner is that we constantly push new developments onto operators as they are rolled out on the system.’

Genie Insights set out a strategy to guide Agro Merchants through the re-implementation process, alongside Freeway’s technical support team, to refresh the system and ensure that it could be used to its best potential going forward. Over the years, Genie Insights has supported with the following:

  • Development of a three-tiered componentry scheme to allow the import of over 1000 stock and impress parts.
  • System integration with Aquarius – daily walkaround checks and fleet compliance check system
  • System integration with Mandata – Agro Merchants transport planning system
  • Over 2000 services are scheduled annually
  • Asset cost reporting to project annual spend on each asset
  • Sage accounts integration

The system allows technicians to automatically assign job cards to relevant inspection sheets against each asset. This removes the need for any paper and helps increase workshop productivity.

Agro outsources its KPI reporting to Genie Insights, who provide monthly reports that accurately break down fleet costs. These reports show expenditure patterns within the fleet and have helped Agro manage vehicle replacement schemes, damages, highlight trends in asset types, running costs for all asset types and compare pricing on different brand parts.

Agro has successfully integrated Freeway with its Sage accounts package. This allows workshop staff to digitally raise purchase orders and invoices, which automatically populates the company’s accounts system, preventing double entry and reducing Agro’s administration costs.

“Having worked closely with Matt at Genie Insights over the last number of months on the implementation of our asset management system, I have been continually impressed by his understanding of our business and his evident knowledge of the transport industry in general. The completed system has provided full visibility of all vehicle costs, full traceability for vehicle compliance, and the ability to identify any asset risk to the business, which in turn has delivered cost savings due to better efficiency and planning.  Matt has become a trusted and integral partner to our business.”

Derek Sawyers