Predictive Fleet Maintenance Platform

Our predictive fleet maintenance software for buses and trucks will revolutionise how you manage your fleet.

Remote Diagnostics with Real-Time Alerts

Access and interpret vehicle diagnostics data in real-time and without relying on the OEM.

Our highly sophisticated software platform combines large-scale data processing with the latest machine learning techniques to allow transport companies to understand what is happening to vehicle components and levels without physically looking at them. Data is delivered in an intuitive and actionable way, so your technicians can make sense of the fault codes.

The system monitors key maintenance parameters in real-time, such as temperatures, pressures, levels, etc from all of the different components and systems within the vehicle.

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Removing the inconvenience of reactive vehicle troubleshooting means unplanned downtime becomes a thing of the past.

By harnessing the power of data, the system provides real-time insights to fleet managers through a platform that collects, analyses and explains vehicle errors, component failures and fluid or wear levels that are outside of safe tolerances. This allows maintenance teams to predict defects or breakdowns before they happen, thus eliminating costly downtime.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

The more time your fleet spends in the workshop, the more it impacts your bottom line. By predicting defects or breakdowns before they happen and reacting quickly to this intelligence, your fleet will always be at its optimum condition, reducing the time vehicles spend off the road.

Future-Proof Technology

AI fault detection models are ready for hybrid and electric vehicles and the technology is already being used to help companies ensure zero downtime while operating cleaner forms of transportation.

Next-Level IT Integration Capability

This predictive maintenance solution integrates fully with our fleet management/maintenance software.

Fault codes and maintenance metrics are automatically pushed into the Freeway system so that maintenance engineers can have a comprehensive view of any defect or out of range parameter. Any anomaly will trigger an alert that allows the fleet manager to direct the vehicle into a service point to be rectified.

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