Introducing Solar For Electric Vans – Your Battery Maintenance Lifeline


Imagine this scenario: you leave your electric van parked for an extended period and when you return, you find yourself locked out – you can’t unlock the doors, access the interior, and so can’t even start the van. This is a very real problem that’s becoming an apparent inconvenience for electric van fleet owners, particularly those running ancillary services such as telematics.

In the rapidly evolving EV sector, electric vans for commercial operators are on the rise. However, just like their fossil fuel powered counterparts, electric vans rely on a 12-volt auxiliary battery for essential functions, such as unlocking the vehicle, operating lights, controlling the infotainment system and running safety features. Essentially, this small battery ensures that your electric van remains operational and accessible.

So, what happens if this vital battery goes flat? You might be surprised to learn that without it, you can’t even unlock the van! This is where Genie Insights’ solar panels for electric vans come into play, offering a lifeline for battery maintenance and peace of mind.

Genie Insights, a leader in solar solutions for transport, in conjunction with UK manufacturer MiPV, has introduced a solar solution to protect and maintain the 12-volt auxiliary battery in electric vans.  The concept is simple yet effective – a discreet, slimline solar panel is installed on the roof of the van which converts energy from the sun into electricity. This electricity is then directed to the 12-volt battery, keeping it charged and ready for action, even during periods of inactivity.

Electric vans are leading the charge toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future in transportation but the often overlooked 12-volt auxiliary battery presents a potential stumbling block for van fleet owners. The introduction of Genie Insights’ solar solution for this problem provides peace of mind and aligns with the green values of electric transportation. So, if you’re considering electric vans for your fleet, or you are struggling with keeping the ones you already have operational, contact Genie Insights to add this battery maintenance lifeline. Unlock the full potential of your electric van with this cost-effective and practical solution.