Bradley Group

BradEx You Click We Collect Slogan

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Donegal-based transport and logistics company, Bradley Transport, launched a home delivery service called ‘BradEx’.  Using specialist home delivery vehicles, the company collected pre-ordered shopping (primarily groceries) on behalf of consumers and delivered them to households the length and breadth of County Donegal.  This service was perfectly timed to support vulnerable and shielding families during the COVID-19 health pandemic.

Bradley Transport needed a new e-commerce website up and running as quickly as possible to facilitate this new service.  Not only did the company need an ordering system, but it wanted to offer a cashless payment method.  Genie Insights was approached to complete the website build.

In just a few short weeks BradEx was launched.

Genie Insights was involved in the entire build including:

  • Devising an initial scoping document to outline the functionality required and to identify potential challenges
  • Project managing various suppliers to achieve specialist functionality
  • Writing all content, including FAQ section
  • Planning the required e-commerce process
  • Sourcing all imagery
  • Designing all content for automated customer e-mail communications
  • Arranging the necessary payment methods

This is not the first web design project that Genie Insights has been involved in for Bradley Transport.  Prior to BradEx, Genie Insights also completed a full site refresh of the Bradley Group website to better reflect the diversification of the company’s service offering and to update its image.

“When we decided to launch BradEx, we knew we wanted Genie Insights involved in the website build.  We were impressed with the last website that Genie Insights did for us and we knew that this one was going to be more complex.  Laura very quickly understood what we were trying to do and was able to translate what we wanted into a simple process for our customers.  Because we were learning about this new market in the first few weeks, the goalposts moved a few times throughout the build, but nothing was too much trouble.  We are really pleased with the final website.”

Peter Bradley, Managing Director, Bradley Group