Genie Insights is an exclusive partner for MiPV, a UK designer and manufacturer of vehicle applied solar solutions. We have sole partnership status on the island of Ireland and for the food industry in GB.

MiPV solar technology was developed for mobile vehicle applications and can be applied to leisure vehicles, trucks and trailers, buses and coaches and most other forms of transportation.

MiPV solar technology is used in the commercial vehicle industry to provide a sustainable power management solution. Using MiPV solar panels to manage, protect and prolong battery life on trucks, refrigerated trailers and tail lifts, results in reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Robust, Proven Technology in Transport Applications

Powerful & Efficient

MiPV’s solar products are manufactured in the UK using CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenide) thin film solar PV cell technology which delivers many benefits over traditional glass-based crystalline silicon panels. As well as being lightweight and flexible, MiPV panels are extremely powerful and highly efficient.

Lightweight & Aerodynamic

Custom size modules (from 0.5m to 5m long) which are bonded directly to the vehicles' roof are less than 3kg in weight per square metre and only 1.77mm thick (<3mm bonded) meaning no loss of mpg due to drag or loss of payload.

Shatterproof & Durable

ETFE non-stick coating ensures panels remain clean and operational and no glass or silicone means no micro fractures caused by vibrations or impact.

Superior Low Light Performance

CIGS technology will generate energy even in shadowed and shaded environments.