Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts” – Lucy Alexander

Online Presence

Whatever stage your website is at, we can help – whether you need your existing website managed, a new simple ‘brochure website’ or something more complex such as an e-commerce site.  For more complex sites we can bring in external web developers but we always manage the process end-to-end on your behalf, from writing the project brief at the outset to seeing the site through to successful completion.

Where we do excel is in creating effective online content, which not only ensures a positive user experience, but is also specifically crafted to enhance search rankings.

Also, whilst a major part of your online presence is your website, there are a number of other online components that should be utilised and optimised, such as online directories, forums and review sites. We can advise on those that are appropriate for your business to engage with, monitor these platforms for you, and create content to develop each.

You can view some examples of sites that we have worked on here.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors to your website, and this can be achieved using a number of methods. We can create an inbound marketing strategy for your business which might include content creation (such as writing blog posts), employing a variety of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and online advertising. Email marketing and social media also contribute to inbound marketing.

Social Media

Social media is important, not only for inbound marketing, but also for general exposure to a captive audience. Your profiles should reflect your brand’s personality and therefore offers the opportunity to cut through the day-to-day corporate voice and connect with your followers in a more informal way.

We can set up and/or manage social media profiles for your business, or can provide training and mentoring to give you the skills to manage it yourself.  We can also create and manage cost-effective social media advertising campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email marketing should form part of your content and inbound marketing strategy, and link to your wider brand messages. Genie Insights can create email marketing campaigns to engage your customers with your latest news, products and other messages.