Digitising a Fleet in 2022


What Does Digitising a Fleet Mean?

In its simplest form, digitising means transitioning traditional paper-based processes to IT-based. Digitising a fleet means moving all methods of vehicle and workshop planning and management to technological solutions, including everything from vehicle maintenance scheduling to route and load planning.

Moving to paperless ways of managing a fleet has many advantages including:

  • Improved compliance due to full traceability of all fleet activity
  • Reduced costs due to automation which reduces admin requirement and the chances of human error
  • Access to full historic and real time fleet data for more informed decision making

A Fully Digitised Fleet

The below infographic illustrates what a fully digitised fleet could look like:

Outputs Available from a Fully Digitised Fleet System

Notice how all of the IT systems can ‘talk’ to one another using the push and pull of data. In a traditional fleet each of these activities has to be done manually. In a semi-digitised fleet each system is standalone so cross-referencing of data from each system is a complex and manual process if any sense is to be made of the available data. In a digitised fleet, most of the manual work is eliminated because it is done automatically, drastically reducing admin time and human error.

With a digitised fleet the following can be viewed, managed or analysed, either in real time or retrospectively:

  • Asset costs
  • Vehicle damages
  • Vehicle health / performance
  • Vehicle uptime / downtime
  • Vehicle / component warranty
  • Vehicle availability
  • Fleet utilisation
  • Fuel performance
  • PPK
  • Accident / incident reporting
  • Driver behaviour
  • Fleet carbon footprint
  • Earned recognition KPIs and compliance scores
  • Route optimisation
  • On-time delivery performance
  • Supplier performance – parts suppliers & asset maintenance providers
  • Customer sales activity
  • Workshop utilisation, productivity & efficiency
  • Human resource planning
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Stock
  • Procurement

With a fully digitised fleet you can say goodbye to:

  • Manually transferring data from paper to PC
  • Complicated spreadsheets
  • Cumbersome searches for information
  • Agonising over making sense of data from individual systems
  • Guess work over your vehicle, driver, workshop and third-party supplier performance
  • Taking chances with your compliance
  • Only knowing what’s happened after the event

…Let technology do the hard work and give you everything you need to know, when you need to know it.

Getting Fleet Digitisation Right

“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar” – George Westerman

Genie Insights’ fleet and workshop management experience, coupled with technological competence, makes us a valuable link between our trusted network of technology partners and your organisation. We support your team every step of the way in the digitisation of your fleet or workshop, from system selection, planning and implementation, through to ‘go-live’ and post-installation support.

We have specifically aligned ourselves with reputable technology partners that we know can work together, and are modular in nature, meaning we can either provide standalone systems or a fully integrated, all-encompassing digital fleet system. This also means you can transform to digital in a phased approach to keep the change manageable for your team.

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