Fleet Maintenance

Our fleet maintenance software for trucks and buses simplifies the hugely labour-intensive job of managing routine, preventative maintenance for fleets. Working in conjunction with your wider IT network, our system provides you with powerful business insights about your fleet.

Automated Fleet Scheduling

One of the primary functions of fleet maintenance software is to ensure that your fleet is always safe and legally compliant. Our fleet maintenance software has intuitive and automated fleet scheduling at its core but it has so much more functionality built in. Because our software operates using mobile applications for data capture, the entire end-to-end process is digital meaning you can reduce manual administration and banish all of your cumbersome spreadsheets!

Fleet Cost Analysis

Closely track all costs associated with maintaining assets to provide you with minute detail about every aspect of your fleet. All costs can be pinpointed precisely for single items or item models, brands or types relating to vehicles, components or labour, whether you maintain your own vehicles or use third party workshops. Reports can also highlight where costs are unexpected or higher than anticipated allowing investigation or action to be taken. Over time you accumulate independent, accurate and powerful insights to inform future fleet replacement strategy and parts supplier selection.

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