Billy Dougan: Genie Insights & MiPV – A Perfect Partnership


Billy Dougan talks about why he chose to work with Genie Insights after retirement and how MiPV is the perfect partnership.

Why Genie Insights?

“When I retired and decided to work part time, why did I choose Genie insights and MiPV? The first one Genie Insights was an obvious choice because to bring support to a family business was a no-brainer. Genie Insights were already heavily involved in the transport and commercial vehicle industry through Genie marketing and Freeway asset management so to bring 40 years of contacts to the business made lots of sense.”

Why MiPV?

“Like many good business ideas this was something we stumbled across rather than it being part of a business strategy. During my previous employment I had a customer who was having major battery issues and the only solution was to fit solar panels. I went out to the market to research what was available and the company who came out head and shoulders above everybody else was MiPV. James Davies the representative understood exactly what the problem was the customer was having and promised he could provide a solution. Subsequently the panels were fitted, and they did exactly as James promised. This gave us a lot of confidence in MiPV as a supplier.”

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