Solar Technology For Commercial Transport

Between 15%-25% of total fuel consumption is used to run auxiliary power needs.  Refrigeration alone can be a costly service when fridge breakdowns, battery replacement and the implications of late or spoiled deliveries are taken in account.  

But what if there was a solution?  Cost-effective, proven technology that will also support your commitment to the environment?

State of The Art CIGS Solar Technology

Genie Insights Solar Technology for the Transport sector is harnessing the power of the sun using state-of-the-art CIGS Technology (Copper, Indium, Gallium Selenide). Unlike other solar panels, our CIGS panels flex with your vehicle body and are manufactured without glass to be shatter-resistant. Crucially, unlike other solar technologies, our CIGS solar technology does not produce heat as a by-product.

What is more, the low-profile, thin-film nature of the Genie Insights Solar Technology minimises air resistance without the addition of weight. Our approach to CIGS Solar technology for transport enables us to customise panels to suit your specific application.

Reliable Refrigeration

Problematic or flat batteries are an inconvenient truth of operating a refrigerated fleet. Apart from the actual costs involved in resolving these disruptions, there are significant costs associated with late deliveries, spoiled goods, customer relationships, and ongoing fleet management.

Real-world data collected in tandem with one client, identified that they were experiencing over £18,000 of battery-related charges per annum across their new and modern fleet of 175 fridge trailers.

By adding a solar panel to the roof of each trailer, you provide the refrigeration unit battery with a ‘trickle charge’ – which replenishes the energy of a fully charged battery at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate, therefore enabling the battery to remain fully powered, reducing and in most cases eliminating flat  batteries, costly breakdowns and improving vehicle reliability

Auxiliary Support

Solar technology is the ideal solution for refrigeration, given its pull-on vehicular power, however, the Genie Insights Solar Technology is the ideal solution for any commercial vehicle that feeds power to auxiliary services.

Empowering the Environment

Decarbonising commercial transport is one of the greatest challenges that face our industry today, with vehicle operators under increasing pressure from the government and the public to reduce emissions.  CO2 and NOx emissions are at their highest when idling. Installing solar technology to your fleet allows vehicle engines to run less overall, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

Control Your Costs

The application of solar panels to your fleet prolongs battery life and reduces battery replacement cycles. Well-maintained batteries support a healthy vehicle, reducing battery-related downtimes and critical problems.

Who have Genie Insights Solar Technology helped to date?

To date, we have installed solar panel technology on the fleets of many of the UK and Ireland’s leading supply chain experts, multinational retailers, and fleet rental operators including McCulla Transport, Sainsbury’s, and Dan Ryan Fleet Rental.

Want To Learn More?

Contact the Genie Solar Team to arrange a consultation and a discussion around the analysis of your fleet and its electrical usage, we will work with you to determine the positive impact of solar integration on your bottom line.

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