What does Voc mean?

Our solar brochure includes a range of technical data.  While this is likely to be useful for those in engineering roles that need or want to know the specific technical information, for the rest of us it could be more difficult to interpret.

Short circuit current is how many amps (i.e. current) the solar panels are producing when not connected to a load.

The Voc is the maximum voltage available from a solar cell.

With an open-circuit voltage of >30 Voc on a Genie Insights high efficiency panel, there is a highly efficient conversion of sunlight to energy.

The advantage of having a higher voltage, compared to traditional solar solutions, means the panel will be able to start charging earlier in the day and remain charging for longer to keep the voltage above the battery state for longer.

For comparison a conventional panel would be around 18-20 Voc on a 110W panel.

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