Gray & Adams (Ireland) Ltd

gray-and-adams-customer-exampleGray & Adams Ireland manufactures high quality, bespoke trailer and vehicle bodies for specialist applications across the transport industry.  The company’s diverse product offering requires a flexible and adaptable workforce to deliver products to the quality standard that customers have come to expect.

Genie Insights came to the business with the objective of further improving the efficiency of the manufacturing and assembly process whilst maintaining quality standards. Although Gray & Adams had invested in various technologies over the years, there was still a reliance on paper-based processes and manual data entry.

Among other outputs, Genie Insights has developed and introduced an app to Gray & Adams’ production team, which has resulted in a more comprehensive but streamlined method of recording key production data, from booked time to jobs through to the pre-delivery inspection KPI’s. Primary benefits have included better visibility and accountability across the production processes, as well as better internal communication, reduced administration and better accessibility of training materials and build procedures manuals.

With estimated annual savings of around £103,000, and taking the £15,000 set up costs into consideration, the return on the investment within the first 12 months is expected to be in excess of £88,000.  This includes reduced pre-delivery inspection failures, workshop staff and administrative resource, and paper and toner costs.

The implementation of this app and the wider process changes that it has facilitated has moved a reactive and admin-heavy process to a live, agile and proactive environment, which has not only made the business more efficient, but has provided a significant cost-saving and environmental benefit as well.


Gray & Adams (Ireland) Ltd was awarded the Innovation Excellence Award at the 2018 Export & Freight Transport & Logistics Awards for this app.  The judges had this to say: “by introducing a completely bespoke mobile app for use by its production team, Gray & Adams’ manufacturing process has become substantially more streamlined, more efficient, profitable and successful”.

If you would like to know more about this project, please get in touch and we will send you an extended case study containing additional information and further quantifiable results.