Genie Insights is the marketing partner for ConveyorTek Ltd, a Lisburn-based manufacturing company that exports its vast product range all over the world. Genie Insights initially developed a marketing strategy for ConveyorTek and has made a long-term commitment to the business to support with implementation.

Because ConveyorTek has heavily invested in research and development, a number of new product lines have been introduced as a result. Additionally, previous marketing efforts have been influenced by a lot of people, meaning that the company’s brand identity had become inconsistent. In conjunction with a trusted graphic design partner, Genie Insights guided ConveyorTek through a rebrand with the objective of better representing the business as it is today.

Hands-on assistance has included providing sales enablement tools, including content creation, the set up and management of a sales enablement app and the design of product literature, amongst other marketing activities.

“We decided to outsource our marketing and chose Genie Insights. Laura quickly got to know our business and company DNA resulting in a fresh, modern and exciting new marketing strategy with a clear focus.”

Martin Buchanan, Technical Sales Director, ConveyorTek Ltd.