Five Quick Tips for Better LinkedIn Engagement


1. Don’t Bother Sharing Other People’s LinkedIn Posts

No one sees them! Why does LinkedIn even have a share button?!

INSTEAD: React to and comment on the original post. Your network is more likely to see “Laura Reeve commented on this” in the newsfeed.

2. Don’t Share Links to External Websites

The above goes for sharing links too. LinkedIn wants everyone to stay on its platform so posting links that take people elsewhere don’t get any love from the algorithm.

INSTEAD: If you have to use an external link, post your commentary without the link first then edit the post and add the link in.  This appears to ‘cheat’ the algorithm. 

3. Don’t Post Photos of Logos

This is a weird one. Although image posts generally do well, for some reason if you post an image of a logo it gets really poor engagement. For example, if you are attending a trade show you might think it would be a good idea to post the event logo to attract attention to others that might also be going.

INSTEAD: Post a text only post tagging the event’s LinkedIn page or key people associated with the event. Or post a photo of something you plan to exhibit at the event.

4. Do What LinkedIn Tells You!

If LinkedIn suggests that you do something, then you’ll probably get rewarded for following its orders. For example, using hashtags in posts. And remember #kudos that was doing the rounds a while back? If LinkedIn is encouraging you to do something then do it! 

P.S. the general consensus among LinkedIn experts is no more than 3 hashtags per post. 

5. Try a Document Post

LinkedIn appears to like document posts. The ability to share a document is a relatively new function within LinkedIn posts and they appear to be doing well for engagement (see point 4 – getting rewarded for using a new feature) so why not give a document post a try next?