Brand Awareness

“Great companies that build an enduring brand have an emotional relationship with customers that has no barrier.  And that emotional relationship is the most important characteristic, which is trust” – Howard Schultz


Modern PR is no longer about pushing content out to trade publications. We target a range of on- and offline channels, including the integration of Social Media and efforts to drive traffic to your website. We have a strong back catalogue of engaging, newsworthy and informative content and are experienced in managing technical subject matter.

Award Entry Writing

Winning or even getting shortlisted for an award is one of the quickest ways to instantly boost your brand’s profile to your target audience and build credibility. We have a proven track record of successful award submissions, including numerous national and local award events across a variety of industry sectors.  You can read more about how to enter awards here. We have also compiled THE definitive list of awards events for any transport or warehousing related business in the UK and Ireland.

We have an exceptional 94% success rate in getting client award entries shortlisted, with one-third of those going on to win.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Focused awareness campaigns generally have some sort of advertising and/or sponsorship element, whether launching a new product or generating awareness of your brand. We can ensure that your business is represented with creative advertising or sponsorship campaigns via radio, print or online.