Telematics & Vehicle Tracking

Modern telematics goes beyond simply tracking vehicles. We have partnered with the UK’s largest telematics manufacturer to provide a wide range of vehicle tracking and advanced fleet telematics solutions designed to drive compliance, improve safety and reduce costs.

Giving you the power of data is at the core of everything that we do. You can access your fleet data, including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, in real-time or historically, meaning you can make informed decisions as you need it or by subsequently managing collated data for compliance auditing or staff reviews.

Real-Time Vehicle Locations

Tracking your vehicles and drivers in real time opens up a world of possibilities. Not only does knowing where each of your vehicles and drivers are at any given time provide peace of mind, particularly when high value goods are being transported, but it can be useful in everyday route planning or last-minute changes to your plan. Being able to easily locate the closest vehicle to a required location is especially useful in despatching service personnel for breakdown scenarios, or if you have an unplanned, emergency delivery or collection to make.

By incorporating geo-fencing, digital boundaries can be set up within the mapping and you can receive alerts when a vehicle crosses a geo-fence. For example, customer premises could be geo-fenced to automatically alert you when a delivery point has been reached.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Safety and efficiency are key components in a driver’s skillset but how can you be sure your drivers are doing as well as they could be? Managing driver behaviour is so much more effective when you have data as evidence. Via our advanced driver behaviour scoring, you can ascertain key metrics such as heavy acceleration, speeding, engine idling, sharp cornering and harsh braking, meaning you have tools available to inform driver training requirements and to identify high-risk drivers.

By integrating telematics with one of our vehicle camera solutions, you can further enhance the level of data available.