Route Optimisation

Route Planning Optimisation

Today software can go beyond simply planning routes, it can use intelligent automation and logic to determine all factors at play to match the most suitable vehicles to routes and then plan multi-drop jobs in the most efficient order, therefore increasing fleet utilisation and reducing total fleet miles travelled. Our scheduling product manages the optimisation process by looking holistically at your fleet, then assigning vehicles, routes and schedules in the most efficient manner. It can also take into account ring-fenced customer delivery windows, working time directives and many additional factors.

Assess Electric Vehicle Viability

If you are considering making the switch to electric vehicles, we can support you in the decision-making process to assess the suitability and viability for your operation. Our EV optimisation software and support service can use your own imported historic and forecasted fleet data to calculate which existing routes and vehicles could be switched to EVs. We can also demonstrate the relative longer-term cost-effectiveness of these greener vehicles and, more importantly, giving you confidence to overcome ‘range anxiety’.