Digital Tachograph Analysis

Periodically checking tachograph records is a legal requirement and managing tachograph data is required to ascertain compliance with drivers’ hours law, which sets out the maximum driving times and rest requirements for commercial vehicle drivers. Failing to comply with the relevant laws can lead to fines at best and loss of license at worst, but these laws are in place for good reason – it is a matter of road safety!

Using traditional methods of tachograph management are highly labour-intensive and are open to significant human error. Managing tachograph data digitally enhances compliance and saves valuable administration time. Our web-based, fully automated software can be used for remote tachograph analysis and compliance reporting.

Our software does all the heavy lifting by carrying out the analysis for you and providing data in easily digestible reports. Not only can these reports demonstrate compliance with the law, they can also proactively highlight any infringements or repeat offenders. This gives Transport Managers actionable data to follow up with drivers, either with further awareness training or, if required, disciplinary action.