Genie Insights: A Carbon Neutral Business


As a small but growing family business we are conscious of doing what we can to make a socially responsible impact. 

At Genie Insights, we care about and are committed to protecting our precious environment, so we are proud to have achieved carbon neutral status in 2019.

As well as trying to work remotely when possible, we made the decision to offset our carbon footprint by donating to Carbon Footprint.  The donation that we made was calculated based on our energy consumption throughout the year, as well as our total miles travelled both by road and air.  The Carbon Footprint organisation will now plant trees right here in Northern Ireland to offset our carbon emissions. 

As well as this, we are always conscious of the impact of our day-to-day activities.  For example, we operate a completely paperless working environment.  We send all invoices digitally and minimise all other paper printing as far as possible – in fact we don’t even have a printer in the office!

And one of the core parts of our business is helping clients ‘go digital’, whether this is assisting them to transition from paper to online booking processes or digitising client fleets and workshops.  By doing the latter, we have helped our five largest NI customers alone save in excess of 100,000 sheets of paper per annum combined!  This is primarily through moving traditionally paper-based processes, such as inspection sheets, job cards, defect cards/reports and purchase orders to digital through the use of tablets.

We will continue our efforts in 2020 to further minimise our environmental impact.