Business Development Strategy

“Data is only as useful as the context in which it is gathered and presented” – Josh Pigford

Private Sector

If business development isn’t your strong point, we can be your outsourced sales team, helping you to bring in new business.  Alternatively, if you already have your own in-house sales team that lacks guidance, we can coach and mentor and implement sales processes.

We can support with database management and can analyse sales data to identify trends in customer behaviour and to identify underachieving areas that provide growth potential.  This information can then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns to address these areas.

We are also experienced in creating compelling sales pitches and company presentations.

Public Sector

Northern Ireland industry is heavily reliant on public sector bodies so local authorities can offer huge opportunities for sales of products and services.  However, public sector tenders often intimidate even the most experienced of sales professionals! You can read more about tendering in our blog post here, which outlines some things that we have learnt through our own previous experience of tendering, from seeking out opportunities to submitting a response.

We can offer clients the benefit of our experience in two ways: by working with you to create tender responses on your behalf, or by providing key personnel within your business with the skills to create responses directly.