Asset Management

“One of the great responsibilities that I have is to manage my assets wisely, so that they create value” – Alice Walton

We are highly experienced in developing asset management strategy and have proven success in improving workshop and fleet management practices, policies and efficiencies.

Effective asset management requires a number of business areas to work in harmony but often this is not the reality. We can audit your existing practices and provide guidance and structure to make your business more efficient, your practices fully compliant with legislation and your assets more profitable due to improved fleet reliability and availability.

We can support in the following areas:

  • Component inventory structure, parts replenishment policy and purchasing processes, whether you have owned or impressed stock
  • Asset maintenance scheduling
  • Workshop and fleet/asset management software
  • Fleet replacement policy
  • Asset management compliance processes
  • Personnel structure and department integrations
  • Fleet and workshop performance management reporting

We can also support your business with digitising workshop and asset management processes for enhanced compliance, better traceability and reduced administration.

Relevant Client Portfolio

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