The Alexander Group

Exclusive Linde forktruck dealer for Northern Ireland, The Alexander Group, initially contacted Genie Insights to assist with marketing but it soon became clear that streamlining the sales process was more of a priority.

Frustrated with managing sales activity through numerous excel spreadsheets and a disjointed sales process, ‘The Alexander Group’ craved a more transparent, flexible and web-based solution where customer interactions such as sales visits, and data such as leads, accounts, quotations and contacts could be generated and managed in one secure place.  The company wanted to encourage its sales team to increase time out on the road with current and prospective customers, which would ideally assist in customer retention as well as driving sales growth.

Genie Insights has set up a Customer Relationship Management system ( to fit the needs of the Alexander Group organisation. Genie Insights devised an overall project/change management strategy to ensure the successful rollout of the system as follows:

  • Project management schedule was devised

  • System Customisation/Configuration – the system was customised to suit the very specific requirements and terminology of the forklift industry and the Alexander Group business, including all user data input screens, fields required, drop down options configured, and dashboard and report set up.

  • Data Management Strategy Developed – current data was collated, cleansed and imported, and new customer data guidelines were formulated to ensure that going forward data would be kept accurate and consistent

  • Testing – the system was comprehensively tested to ensure it was performing as was required

  • Training & Support – training sessions were carried out with all users and ongoing support provided

  • Measures for Success Defined – the system was launched in November 2018 and system adoption has been measured on a monthly basis with detailed reports sent to Company Directors and feedback given to employees on performance along with areas for improvement highlighted.  

After an initial trial period, the system went fully live to all users.  Within nine months, there has been almost 50% increase in the number of sales visits performed and recorded and an increase of 12% in the number of quotations created.

“We approached Laura and her team for help with marketing initially but quickly realised that we needed a better system than our current CRM before we could even consider marketing efficiently.

With the Genie teams help we chose Salesforce which has really streamlined our sales function, giving us a far clearer view of sales management and a much more organised approach to market coverage.

We are about to start a marketing campaign which we are very excited about as we have traditionally done this in house with limited success, and with the correct information we hope to target the right people.

We have found Laura and her team to be very helpful with a no-nonsense approach which is refreshing!”

Mark Alexander, Company Director, The Alexander Group